In a couple weeks we’ll be heading into spring… a time for refreshing, renewing and cleaning closets. Often times people may slip into a style rut as they focus on other life’s situations like doing our taxes, raising kids and learning new skills for career advancement. As we evolve so should our style.

Are you feeling drab and want to feel a little more fab?  It may be time for a style tune-up.

Feeling Fab!

Before I bumped up their ‘attractor-factor’, most of my clients,  were missing at least one of the 3 tips listed below . 

Style Tune-up Tip # 1: Hair Upkeep

Rayne Hagstrom Age Gap
Look at my hairstyle just three years ago! Today, I wouldn’t feel like me with that dark hair and SUPER bright wardrobe. I’m still in leopard print, but a more natural and toned down version. 

Besides our face, our hair is one of the first things people notice. I recommend completely changing your hairstyle a minimum of every 5 years or by age 30,  35, 40 and so on. Coloring gray, highlights, healthy trims are recommended every 6 weeks. As we mature the texture and color of our skin and hair changes. For men, your hairline may be receding. A comb-over is NOT recommended.

First you can google a celebrity that resembles you and see what hairstyle they are sporting. Their team of beauty experts keep them red carpet ready and we can reap the benefits! Then, once you have an idea of what a NEW YOU will be, schedule an appointment with a hair professional and get consulting! If you’re on a budget, check out your local beauty school. They offer services at a fraction of a price.

Style Tune-up Tip # 2: Your Core Wardrobe

A core wardrobe includes your basics: dark jeans, button-up, suit (that can be broken up into pieces), slacks, cashmere sweater, and pencil skirt or sheath dress for the ladies. These are called your investment pieces. You will INVEST more money into these items. What is their current status? Does your sweater have moth holes in it? Is your favorite tailored blouse armpit’s yellow? Are your dark denims still dark? If not, stop by your favorite  store and get a new one!

Style Tune-up Tip # 3: Underwear

Yes, it’s true! Your undergarments may be affecting how you feel. If you’re steppin’ into ones that are worn-out and tattered, that is how you’ll feel. Keeping your foundation sexy, will help keep you, your attitude, and outlook…sexy! Depending on your rotation, replace every few months or when you see signs of wear and tear.

Ladies, check out Ultimate Guide to Style on Amazon for EVEN more ways to go from drab to fab!