Rayne and Jeanette Ortega don' let sweat and sit ups keep them from looking fashionable!
Rayne and Jeanette Ortega don’t let sweat and sit ups keep them from looking fashionable!

Working out gets the endorphins going and this is scientifically proven to put you in a better mood, hence make you FEEL better. Why not increase that to FEEL better and LOOK better while you’re getting fit?!The 5 most common fashion mistakes made in the gym are:

  1. Faded Baggy Sweatpants: Even if you’re not in the best shape, there are more appealing pants available. Clothing companies offer great options for all body types. Nike, for example, has a great fitting system for pants. They come in slim, relaxed, and loose in different lengths. Stores like J.C. Penney are carrying plus sized options for you if needed.

  2. Pajama Bottoms: Cotton sleeping pants that you may have picked up on sale at a cheap store are dangerous. One time I was in a Pilates class and a woman had on a pair of cheap cotton pants, which had a huge hole in the crotch. She was not wearing any underwear and her little lady lip was constantly being exposed with every kick and lift she did. Buy fitness clothing for working out.

  3. Polyester/Spandex Panties: For tight pants/capris, please wear a cotton g-string. Your “you know what,” cookie, v-jay jay, hoo ha, will thank you! Polyester and spandex undies are prone to give you yeast infections and vaginitis…not so sexy. Let your “little lady” breathe!

  4. Not Wearing a Supportive Bra: Ladies with bigger boobs, I know you may be tempted to just layer a few on, but your girls will not get the support they need and it looks sloppy. Invest in a few sport bras that come in specific bra sizes. For example, instead of buying a large size, buy a fitted size 36DD or whatever your size may be. My favorite one is by New Balance Control Fit Crop. It has so many adjustment capabilities that it gives me the perfect fit. I can even do jumping jacks in them without giving myself a black eye!

  5. Over-sized T-Shirts: Your old t-shirt will just make you look bigger, frumpy, and out-of-date. Look for cuts and shapes that are designed for your body type. Slim, relaxed, loose, v-neck, and tanks are all better choices.  Picking your favorite colors from the darker spectrum of your color palette will keep you looking vibrant and fresh while diminishing the view of sweat marks.

Who knows, you may even meet your future husband, best friend, or next business venture while getting into shape at the gym. These tips will help keep you lookin’ great and remember…smile in style as you’re walking that mile!

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