Women in Dress
Great example of a classy date dress. (photo credit: Pinterest).

If you’re single and dating, you only get one shot at making a first impression. Let’s make it an unforgettable one. When trying to choose an outfit for your first date the stakes are really high. If you wear inappropriate attire you will most likely be dismissed as a potential mate faster than you can spell Mississippi. Check out the 5 mistakes below and avoid them when possible…especially when dating someone new.

  1. Not doing your research about the date: I know it sounds silly but making this mistake can have you looking really out of place and physically uncomfortable.  Ask these questions before you start getting ready for a date: Am I going to be standing or sitting? Is the party/barbecue indoors or outdoors? Is the venue/event formal or casual? Will the location be air conditioned? Answering these questions will help you be prepared wherever the date will take you!

  1. Wearing a too revealing outfit: Men love a women in a dress that accentuates her figure. However, you don’t want to reveal too much. A mysterious woman is better than one who throws it all in a man’s face right away. Let your date imagine what you look like nude. Don’t give it away. Dress yourself as an elegantly wrapped gift. A general rule of thumb when it comes to “dressing sexy and classy” is to pick one area to flaunt and only one. If you want to show off your legs, then don’t show too much cleavage.

  2. Wearing the wrong shoes: Can you imagine wearing a set of spiked heels to the park to play with his dogs or to climb up and down steep bleachers to watch a hockey game? What a disaster! Make sure your shoes are appropriate and comfortable.  Your attention should be on him and not you’re soon to be blisters. If you choose to wear heels, always keep fold-a-flats in your purse or extra shoes in your car.

  3. Too much make-up: Makeup shouldn’t be overdone. The more makeup you wear, the more disastrous it can be. Imagine having runny mascara, melting cover up, and red lipstick all over the place. This is literally a HOT MESS. There are so many great make-ups on the market now where you can cover-up flaws and still look natural. For day, I recommend concealer, tinted moisturizer for cover-up, translucent powder, mascara, light colored blush, nude colored lip gloss. For night time, play up one area either your eyes (smoky eye-shadow) or lips (a colored pout)…not both.

  4. Making a fashion statement that distracts from the real you: Beware of any clothing item that attracts attention to IT instead of you…like a pink fur coat, head-to toe leopard, or your favorite hello kitty shirt. Wear pants, skirts and dress appropriately for your body type in a more demure and conservative fashion that enhances YOU.

When you make fashionably educated choices you will be stylin’ in chicness, comfort, and confidence! Keep these fashion tips in mind on your next date and you’ll be putting your best foot forward just in case this is the ONE!

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