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Rayne Parvis is more than just a go-to fashion expert; she’s the #1 rated stylist on Yelp in Los Angeles with credentials to back it up. Rayne is a certified Style Coach™, color expert with advanced training,  and the author of the book “Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab!”. With over a decade in the industry, her TV spots and virtual events for Nordstrom have solidified her reputation as a trusted voice in fashion, where she serves the latest style tips with a side of humor.


Before she was transforming wardrobes, Rayne was lighting up LA’s comedy stages as a stand-up comic. This background in comedy gives her a unique edge on screen, blending fashion expertise with a big personality and sense of humor. Whether it’s a morning talk show or a prime-time segment, Rayne makes fashion accessible and fun for viewers of all backgrounds, helping them learn how they can level up their style to not just look fabulous, but feel confident.


If anyone gets style transformations, its Rayne: Her sexy stage persona was once about cleavage, fishnets, stilettos, spandex. Now, she’s reinvented herself many times over as she’s grown into new roles as a business owner, wife and a mom to her little guy, Zayne. Rayne understands first-hand how your style can evolve as your life and goals do—and she’s got countless style transformation success stories to prove it. Her approach is all about ensuring that everyone can curate a style that’s entirely unique and representative of who they are and where they’re heading. 

If you’re just starting your friendship with fashion, Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab! is a must read! Learn the fundamentals of developing an authentic personal style; discover your “wow” colors, how to dress for your body-shape, style personality, and lots more! Available on Amazon. 

xo Rayne


Favorite things


A wifey, mama to a toddler named Zayne, two rescue cats, and a little adopted dog named Frida.

leveling up:

Life is never stagnant. Learning new ways to be a better stylist, mom, and overall human is always part of my jam.


From thrifting to department stores to boutiques. She love to find interesting pieces to further craft a unique signature style.

working early

You can find me up at 5 am drinking coffee, journaling, listening to sermons, & getting work done before everyone else gets up.


Great conversations over wine is one of my favorite past times!


Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Certified by the Style Coaching™ Institute, Style Coaches™ use the fashion styling skills blended with life-coaching skills to help clients achieve a more polished image working from the inside out.  

Style Coaching™, style consulting, closet edits, and all style sessions can happen virtually.  

Or next time you travel to Los Angeles, schedule an appointment!

Virtual/In-person Closet Edits, Color Analysis, Style Coaching ™, Outfit Styling, Personal Shopping/Styling, Photoshoot Styling(headshots/branding/dating profile/social media and website photoshoots)

Of course! You will be asked about your budget and we’ll find awesome clothes accordingly. However, the average clothing investment amount of a first time SHOPPING session is anywhere from $3k-$8k. 

As a multi-certified Personal Stylist and Style Coach™   high-end branding, matchmaking agencies, and award winning photographers in Los Angeles have all trusted Rayne with their client’s image.

August M.
August M.Award Winning Podcaster
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Rayne is the best! She decluttered and organized my closet, which saves me time and makes choosing outfits simpler. And I LOVED her color palate analysis. From her big heart and fun-loving spirit to her sharp styling skills, Rayne is a total joy to work with.
Alissa L.
Alissa L.Actress
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OMG Rayne is fabulous! She is fun, funny, and easy to work with! We had a successful shoot and I cannot thank Rayne enough for being an essential part of the success. Wardrobe is vital for headshots and I think many people over look its importance. Having a personal stylist is a must for a headshot session and Rayne is your go-to girl!
Tracy N.
Tracy N.Entrepreneur
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Rayne was amazingly helpful! Very cool to figure out what my color palette was and how that made my skin color pop! Thank you Rayne, you are wonderful! Blessings always!
Alireza V.
Alireza V.Entrepreneur
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Rayne is very energetic and educated. I learned a lot and now my appearance suits my high-demand business. Thank you Rayne!

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