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This was my first time working with a stylist and I had no idea what to expect, but Rayne made everything so positive and easy! She's so kind, encouraging, and fun to work with! She fine-tuned my colors and picked a lot of awesome pieces for me that I would have never chosen for myself and I'm so excited about my new wardrobe now! I've already had such a great time wearing my new clothes and have gotten so many compliments, too.
Mindy L.
"I'm thrilled with how you're styling me on the casual-formal spectrum, you're really nailing it…and my color story! You really listened to me.
Ken B.
Start-up Tech
What sets Rayne apart is her friendly, fun, and warm demeanor paired with honesty and expertise. She provides honest suggestions and feedback on colors, styles, and fit that were truly invaluable. It's clear that her opinions are backed by a deep knowledge of fashion and personal styling. With Rayne's guidance, I not only look better but also feel more confident in my own skin.
Abby L.
Marketing Executive
I have been working with Rayne as a stylist for several years now, and she is absolutely amazing! She knows exactly how to find clothing that makes me feel great and suits my body! She helped me figure out a few key pieces I needed to complete my wardrobe and make styling myself on a regular basis, a breeze! And, she has such an amazing personality that anytime I work with her I'm also having fun!
Harmony D.
Author, Non-Profit Lady Boss
Rayne is a dream come true! After having my son and not really getting back to pre-baby weight, it has been hard going shopping. Rayne gave me some great new wardrobe ideas and got me out of my comfort zone with colors! Rayne is fun with no pressure! We laughed and we added some great new upgrades to my closet! Thank you Rayne!
Jill G.
What can I say about Rayne that hasn't been mentioned by others. She is fantastic, fun to collab with, and wholeheartedly invested in whatever style goal you are looking to achieve. I was looking to elevate my headshots game and knew that working with a stylist was the way to go. She worked with me every step of the way and, honestly, thought me A LOT about styling and creating options. All I can say is that I went into my headshots sessions confident AF in our choices, and the end result is that my reps love them ... and I do too.
Cesar R.
I needed to have headshots updated for my daughter while traveling with a Broadway Tour. I headed to Google to look for a highly recommended stylist. Rayne was one of the options. She brought the clothes to the hotel room the night before the shoot and steamed our final selections for us and returned what we didn't need. Our photographer loved the wardrobe I brought and even asked for our stylist's name for future clients. I can't say enough great things about Rayne!
Arianne K.
My husband had been complaining he didn't like the way he looked in clothes for business casual events. Rayne first came over and did a closet edit. She pointed out that he was buying the wrong style of pants and was wearing the wrong colors. Next, she got to know what his style was and helped him select clothes that were flattering and reflected who he is. After all the clothes we ordered were delivered she showed him how to tailor everything to get the best fit. He is loving his new looks and only wishes he did it sooner! Rayne is friendly, funny, professional, intuitive and a master at her craft.
Allan P.
Rayne is amazing! She helped me so much when I was preparing for a photo shoot and was totally lost. She helped me look fabulous and feel confident. I'm so grateful for all her incredible help!!
Georgia K.
I NEEDED so much help. She helped me declutter my closet and fine tune my clothing pieces. I now shop intentionally and pay close attention to quality/color of what I'm buying. And its all thanks to Rayne's expertise! Her positivity is contagious. She left me feeling more confident with a renewed passion for fashion. 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend Rayne to anyone needing a stylist!
Brennyn K.
Set Designer
Rayne was referred to me through another actor friend who hired Rayne to style her headshots and everyday outfits. I hired Rayne for headshot consulting, finding my body type, color personality and personal shopping. Rayne is so much better than any other stylist on Wishi or Stitch Fix that I have tried. Rayne does her homework on you and studies you before you meet! When you meet she presents everything in a presentation format and copies you on it via email and Pinterest. Rayne's prices are reasonable. She can also shop for you and within your price range (she can find outfits under $100 if you want!). After meeting with Rayne once (and even before shopping for better fitting clothes for my body type) we decided what headshots I should keep and the ones to get rid of, and I have already seen a difference in my acting bookings. Plus, I have already started wearing stuff from my current closet that fit my skin tone and body type better and I know what clothes to get rid of now. Overall, my essence, my personality, my confidence, my appearance has already improved because of Rayne -- and I haven't even shopped for new clothes yet!
April O.
Rayne is just best stylist ever, she is really hardworking professional personality and I admire her work a lot. Shopping was really not my cup of tea, but now I love shopping . She is always there for me . I love all the outfit styled by her . If you are someone who is looking for a great stylist then give her a try and thank me later. she is very knowledgeable stylist. Now I feel more confident and get lots of complement (from my kids teacher, friends).
Preeti M.
Make-up Artist
Rayne is an amazing stylist. She is so positive, engaging, warm, knowledgeable, professional and a delight to work with. She was the first stylist I had ever worked with, so I had my doubts before our initial consultation. My wife and I were won over at the initial consultation. She helped me declutter and edit my closet. She also helped me with my colors, personal style and body shape. My recent shopping experience with her was so much fun. It was focused, personalized and STRESS FREE. I highly recommend Rayne.
Reginald A.
Not only is Rayne awesome at what she does, she is also the biggest cheerleader and hype woman! She made me feel confident in all of our choices, helped me understand the reasons behind each choice, and was thorough in all of our communication and planning. As an actor in LA, I knew I needed a stylist for my headshots who really understood actors and characters, and Rayne is 100% that stylist! I loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help you look and feel your very best!
Erica C.
Where should I start? I'm an actor and whenever I shop for clothes, there's never much thought beyond, "Oh, that looks cool, let's try it out." I didn't really pay attention to what colors look best on my skin tone or how the clothes I wore were perceived by the audience. However, to up my game, I decided to work with a stylist, specifically one that worked with actors for their headshots. Working with Rayne has been worth every penny. We went over my color palette and the goals I was trying to achieve as an actor. She then guided me through many different options that would serve as inspiration for my own actor wardrobe. Once we decided the general "look" we were trying to achieve, she then went to search for specific outfits/looks that would get me there. I was encouraged to look on my own as well so that I could pick out outfits within the themes we set that would resonate with me.
Shravan A.
Rayne is a fantastic personal stylist. She changed the way I look at clothing and color. She encouraged me to find what style I liked and taught me how to pick and choose what works for me! I have completely revamped my wardrobe thanks to her!!! Letting go of what doesn't suit me was quite freeing. She's fun and obviously loves what she does! I feel confident and so much better about myself thanks to her.
Deb. S.
Rayne was amazingly helpful! Very cool to figure out what my color palette was and how that made my skin color pop!
Traci L.
Rayne is so amazing! She is such a sweetheart and has such huge passion and drive for ensuring that we all dress for success! The real eye opener for me was the color analysis and knowing what to wear and how! Needless to say, Rayne is an absolute blessing, and has changed my life entirely! So glad we met, and collaborated! Now anywhere I go, I'm sharp!
Dennis T.
Rayne was likeable from the first time I met her. While I didn't get her services in person, she was just as personable over our Skype session discussing what I needed to wear for my photoshoot. She suggested some colors that complemented my skin tone and I had no idea that the colors in the clothing I was wearing was actually not making my body look any better. Rayne's sense of style isn't just about what looks good on her own body, but all other body types and the image you are trying to portray. She opened my eyes to the fact that styling yourself and carrying yourself is an important aspect in any sort of human interaction - both business and social. Thanks so much Rayne for giving me the right tools to embody a confident adventure girl taking on the world.
Kyoku K.
Rayne was amazing. She listened to what I wanted but told me what I needed to hear. She was hilariously and lovingly honest about what I should toss vs. keep. And she gave me great ideas about how I could wear my clothes in new ways. Even though I tossed about half of what I had, I still ended up with more outfits than when I started!
Danika S.
I received one of the packages as a birthday gift and it was a wonderful experience to say the least. The package started with a color analysis which was very eye opening! Rayne then helped me completely audit my closet. I was able to finally get rid of so many clothes that had just been taking up space! The second part of the package was shopping with Rayne. She has a great talent of knowing what works from the designer right downs to the color choices. I also had items in my closet that I really did not know how to wear and she really helped putting together different outfits. Loved the whole experience!
Jill A.
I've been acting in LA for about ten years now and have done many many headshot shoots... if you're an actor I'm sure you know they are extremely stressful! I wish I had found Rayne sooner to lighten the load and help me really nail what I was going for! She helped me curate several different looks that really highlighted every side to my personality and essence, and the end result was a brilliant headshot session that my agents and manager loved and has already helped bring in more auditions! Thank you, Rayne, I'll be back! Actors... stop wasting your time trying to put your looks together yourself and invest in Rayne's expertise. She's worth it! Your career will thank you later!
Nilli R.
This was my second headshot styling session with Rayne. She knocked it out of the park! Rayne is so conscientious and fun to work with. She listens and understands what looks you are going for and works withins your budget, and by the end of it, you have created the perfect wardrobe that you can be proud of! Not only does she try to understand what you want, but she also gets to know who you are, which was very important to me when picking out a stylist. I felt like I was talking with a friend who was excited to help me look my best! And as soon as I put these headshots up on my acting sites, I started getting more auditions and booking more! She is an absolute styling magician/wizard/amazing person! I feel so lucky to have found you, Rayne! You are the best out there, hands down!!
Becky Jo H.
I have just recently stated a new business and decided to get myself professionally branded. Part of the branding experience was a styling session with Style By Rayne. Words cannot express how helpful she was in this process. Being a guy who does not invest much style and effort to fashion Rayne helped find the best look that a professional brand needs and deserves. The Agency has a definite force multiplier with have Rayne on there team.
Bernard P.
OMG Rayne is fabulous! She is fun, funny, and easy to work with! I recently won a headshot giveaway where Rayne participated as stylist for my 4 headshot looks. It was my first time working with a personal stylist for a headshot session and I can not emphasize how happy I was to have Rayne by my side helping me with wardrobe, which for me is a tedious process on a daily basis lol ... With her guidance we worked together to get the perfect wardrobe options. She put together so many stylish looks that I had plenty to choose from for my shoot. Vanie Poyey, the photographer I shot with, also loved what Rayne picked out! We had a successful shoot and I cannot thank Rayne enough for being an essential part of the success. Wardrobe is vital for headshots and I think many people over look its importance. Having a personal stylist is a must for a headshot session and Rayne is your go-to girl!
Aissa L.
Thank you very much, Rayne, you are so energetic and educated, I learned a lot from you and now my appearance suits my business.
Ali V.
Digital Entrepreneur
I can't recommend working with Rayne more!! It was such a wonderful time. I learned a lot and she helped me look my best for my headshots. This woman really does go above and beyond for her clients. I now have a much easier time shopping for myself, especially online because i have a better idea of if a color is going to look great on me, and she's given me more confidantes to make fun choices with my clothing and accessories. She gave me permission to be my fun and funky self and I'm so thankful for her!
JoJo G.
Oh my gosh! Rayne is ah-mazing! I learned soooo much, and have a lot more fun with looks and color combinations than ever before. And, my wardrobe is truly different in a great way, that feels totally natural and comfortable and still super stylish. She's super responsive and patient ... my fashion sense needed some TLC ... but not anymore!
Lecia P.
Shopping for headshot clothing is always a daunting, exhausting, and stressful job. I have often picked great photographers but found that I fell short on the attire I picked out myself. So a trusted actor friend highly recommended Rayne to me and, I'll be honest, it made the biggest difference in the quality of the shots. Rayne provided me with a fantastic color palette to use while shopping, helped me to clearly define three looks, dug all over the internet for great clothing options, and made it a breeze to sort through the outfits. I felt so confident and prepared for my headshots with multiple options for each look. This saved me so much time when I did the shopping and it was worth the peace of mind to hire the advice of a professional. She's fun, she's smart, and she knows what she's doing.
Paul C.
Rayne is such a pro! This was my first time working with a Stylist, and she made the experience so fun and stress free. I met her at Nordstrom and when I arrived she had a whole closet full of clothes already picked out for me. I felt so special. I'm going through the process of figuring out my style and brand and I look forward to working with Rayne more as I continue on this journey.
Rob P.
Rayne was super easy to get in touch with. During covid lots was done virtually and with ease. She helped me understand my color schemes and took the time to understand my style. I could not have asked for a better stylist and will be seeing her semiannually from here on out.
John P.
Finance Advisor
There are not enough words to describe great Rayne is! I met Rayne through the Define Your Personal Style online class offered by LACC. She opened my eyes to the importance of color seasons and helped me understand which colors will take my look from a 6 to a 10. Then, we learned about dressing for our body shape and optimizing our best features, all while defining our unique style and learning how to put together clothing combinations. I love that no one in the class had the same look--it was truly personal and so much fun to go on the journey to discover our unique style. After I learned about my best clothing choices, it was time to update my closet and I worked with Rayne to build a mix and match set of quality items that suit my lifestyle. She found a great mix of price conscious items, but also helped me determine which splurges were worth it. I'm now obsessed with my chic white sneakers, my classy blazer, and have several tops that make me feel like I come alive (with the right colors). I cannot recommend Rayne enough and I look forward to working with her again soon!!
Katie F.
Public Relations

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