The Virtual Experience


Discover your most flattering colors and transform your style with our fun and innovative Online Color Confidence Experience! We will take you on an eye opening journey combining digital draping and comprehensive color analysis, available to color hopefuls everywhere.

How It Works

Capture Your Fab Face: Start by sending us a makeup-free, well-lit photo of yourself. This helps us understand your natural undertones and unique complexion. We know this won’t be flattering, but it’s okay, it’s important for us to see your natural skin.

Capture Some Colors: Snap photos of yourself holding various clothing items from your wardrobe. This lets us see how different colors interact with your skin, helping us identify your perfect palette.

Expert Color Analysis: Rayne examines your photos, identifying your skin’s undertones and how different hues complement your complexion.

Digital Draping Magic: Dive into the world of digital draping! See how a range of colors enhance your features, giving you a virtual preview of your personalized style.

Custom Color Palette: After our thorough analysis, we create a detailed color palette, along with your season’s palette, just for you. Discover the shades that make you shine and elevate your natural beauty.

Personalized Feedback Session(Optional): Get even more out of your experience with a one-on-one feedback virtual call. Rayne will walk you through your color analysis results, share tips, and answer any questions.

Instructions and Report Delivery

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with all the details. Within 7 business days, you’ll get your customized color analysis report, complete with your unique palette. Please note: There are no refunds. XO


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