4 Ways To Rock Your Favorite Bag In Style

Your bag, purse, hobo, tote and/or clutch, like your shoes, seals the stylish deal on an outfit. Do you ever wonder what bag to wear with what outfit? I reached out to fashion writer Jessica Brinley, for her expert opinion and here is what she wrote:

“It’s important to know how to balance your entire look. Yes, we know you have more important things to think about like getting the kids off to school rather than what bag goes with your outfit. However, I wanted to break it down for you ladies and give you some quick visuals to make it easier.

4 Ways to Rock Your Favorite Bag


1.A Louis Vuitton Bag with a Multi Colored Dress 

You can style your LV bag or patterned purse with your favorite multi-colored dress.  Don’t be afraid to mix two patterns together. 

2.Hermes and a Patterned Outfit or Dress 

A patterned dress is super easy, and pair it with your Hermessque bag for an instant chic look. You can choose a natural or black color. And, finally, complete the look with gorgeous bright colored pointed stilettos to add elegance to the look instantly.

3. Chanel Handbags and Black

Now that is something cool, isn’t it? Let you Chanel have the spot light. If you don’t look great in black, Rayne says, you can sport this handbag with all denim, navy or pop of color top with dark jeans and black heels. 

4. Patterned Tote with Casual Dress Up

When going out with your pals and you have to be ready in a jiffy, what can be better than this casual easy look? Simply grab your denim shirt and black pants while carrying your astounding patterned tote and spruce up the entire look in a few minutes.”- Jessica Brinley

Rayne Parvis in Westlake in vintage boots and her vintage Dooney and Burke cross-body.
Rayne Parvis in Westlake in vintage boots and her vintage Dooney and Burke cross-body.

If you put your hair up in a messy bun or a hat, add a comfy t-shirt and boyfriend jeans your bag can do the talking for you. And you don’t need a super pricey purse(like my Dooney and Burke in the picture which was a gift). As long as it’s high quality and no scuffs, cheap logos and/or over the top hardware you’ll be stylin’. All the bags in the photo pictured above can be interchangeable. Happy styling! 

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