5 Things We Love About Moms

My happy family in the 80's! Wayne, Sharon, Rayne, and little Erik Hagstrom.
My happy family in the 80’s! Wayne, Sharon, Rayne, and little Erik Hagstrom.

Happy Mother’s Day! I can only speak from my own experience. Here are the 5 things I love about my mom, Sharon Hagstrom:

  1. She sacrifices for our family. She works so hard to facilitate all of The Hagstrom’s creative dreams and goals. 
  2. She is an inspiration. I don’t know any other mom who can fix the sink, car, and hedge the lawn in the same day.
  3. She only has an outburst once in a blew moon. If I were her, I throw a few more temper tantrums.;).
  4. She loves her family through good times and bad times. I was a bad kid in high-school, yet she never disowned me or kicked me out. THANKS MOM!!
  5. She tailors all my clothes for me on her day off, saving me tons of money….and is The Hagstrom’s: Erik, Wayne, Sylvia(my cat), and my biggest fan!

From the entire family:

YOU ROCK and we love you!!

Fashionably Yours,

Your Grateful Daughter

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