We live in a “googling” world. Everyone needs a great photo for social profiles such as Linkedin, Facebook, dating sites and/or a professional shot for your career. If you are looking for a job or a significant other you are going to be ‘searched’ for. Make sure your social profiles are representing you in a respectable, purposeful and flattering manner.

When planning a photo shoot, your wardrobe, choice of colors, hair and facial expressions all play a role in exuding your personality and purpose. Consider these simple tips to help you “pop with pizzazz” and send the right message.

1.Hair Care. One of the biggest mistakes people make is dyeing, cutting or getting too styled right before the session. For trims or coloring, two weeks before your shoot is ample time to fix or let your mane settle in. Stay away from too much gel or fancy up-dos(a messy bun like photo on the left below is a fine). You want to look like you on your best day! For ladies, I recommend going to blow-dry bar before your shoot. Hair stylist will wash and blow dry your hair into a camera ready master piece.

Dating profile photo by Vanie Poyey.
Dating profile photo by Vanie Poyey.

2.Dress According to Your Purpose. Is your purpose to get attract more dates, project a professional image for work or get more clients? Ladies, for a dating profile look, wear flirty colors and styles while accentuating ONE of your favorite body parts. Men, avoid all black and ill-fitted suits.

Wardrobe has textures and color. Great example of a smile too! Lifestyle photo by Vanie Poyey.
Wardrobe has textures and color. Great example of a smile too! Lifestyle photo by Vanie Poyey.

Make sure you are wearing an element of you like a fun tie, hat or your favorite dark blue jeans for a casual look. For business or a formal shots, choose suits, button-ups or sport jackets in non-black with texture to look polished yet still showing personality.

Great dating or lifestyle shots by Vanie Poyey.
Great dating or lifestyle shots by Vanie Poyey.

Ladies, avoid revealing too much skin for professional shots. Think modern with a tailored cut. Pencil skirts are a go-to choice. Sophisticated colors like deep purple, navy and royal blue give off a confident vibe. Avoid bubble gum pink. The key to looking like a million bucks is more than a perfect fit–being color coordinated will raise your appeal to a new level.

"Handsome man" photo by Vanie Poyey.
“Handsome man” photo by Vanie Poyey.

3.Avoid Over Accessorizing. Too much jewelry or other accessories can date your photo as well as distract. Except for the butterfly, this photo is timeless. This 2006 head shot is a great example of why to go with solid colors and no embellishment.

Rayne Parvis's commercial head shot taken in 2006. (photo credit: Vanie Poyey).
Rayne Parvis’s commercial head shot taken in 2006. (photo credit: Vanie Poyey).

4.Smile or Not to Smile. This can be tricky. In regards to dating profiles, women should smile MORE, men shouldn’t. When a woman smiles she is instantly appears more attractive and approachable, however men are considered less attractive if they they flash you that ear to ear smile according to many statistics.  Finding the perfect hint of a smile for a man will be tricky but a great photographer will capture it. You want to look warm and inviting yet strong. Same goes for business shots. Disregard this note if you are a actor going for a commercial shot.  A over-the-top grin may work for ya.

Corporate and life style photos by Vanie Poyey. The perfect smiles!
Corporate and lifestyle photos by Vanie Poyey. The perfect smiles!

5.Don’t cheap out. Go for the GOLD! When I was an actress, I waisted money, time and energy trying to the cheapest photoshoot. This is not a time for bargain hunting, you’ll get what you pay for.

Dating profile shot by Vanie Poyey.
Dating profile shots by Vanie Poyey. Love the flirty color!

BONUS TIP: Ladies, don’t forget about hiring a make-up artist from a reliable source. Don’t over due it. Keep it light and natural. Your eyes and features should pop on film in a complementing way.

I finally found Vanie Poyey and never looked back. She is award winning and really has a knack for shooting your personality. Happy shooting!

Check out excellent examples by Vanie’s photography work  by going to PoyeyPhotos.com.  Tell her I said hi!

Corporate photos by Vanie Poyey.
Corporate photos by Vanie Poyey.

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