5 Ways To Stay Sane During a City Lockdown

Wow! Unless you’ve been in some cave taking hallucinogens you are aware of what’s been happening all over the world with the Coronavirus. With restaurants and stores closing, social distancing, people all over getting sick and being told to stay home things can get pretty depressing. Our mental well being (inside and out) is a super important. Our friends and family depend on us! May you keep your hope alive, stay calm and mentally sane with these suggestions.

Here are 5 ways to help stay upbeat during our lockdown and beyond:

  1. Keep Active: I know binge watching Netflix for 3 weeks straight is tempting but don’t do it. Discipline yourself, sister. We all know working out makes us happier people. Search Youtube for fitness videos, join a membership program, like Bootoga and/or if it’s still safe walking your neighborhood.
  2. Consider Adopting a Pet at Your Local Shelter: Studies have scientifically proven animals help our health and make us happier. Yes, they are a big responsibility….but so worth it. I LOVE my 3 rescue animals; Goldie, Alley and Frida. They always make my day better.
  3. Take an Online Course to Improve YOU: I’m currently looking for a class that helps me develop an online style class. When this is over, I’ll have another tool in my belt to service people and make more money for my family. You can also consider investing in a marketing course for your business, a hobby like guitar you can learn at home or online nutrition program like Health Has No Finish Line to keep your eating on track. What ever you feel would work for you. I’d recommend doing one where you can 1-on-1 time with the coach. Building a personal relationship and keeping social(even if it’s on Zoom) at a time like this is imperative.
  4. Read or Listen to Self-help/Inspiring Books: Amazon has a plethora of options at your finger tips including Ultimate Guide to Style on Kindle for as low as $2.99 or you can listen to a book as you clean your house with their Audible app. Yes! If you’re on a budget, or a fan of saving money, join the online Library near you for free! Sometimes you have to wait for the new releases, but if you’re a book devourer like me it can save you lots of cash per month. Yes!
  5. Keep Your Casual Style Fresh By Reaching Out to Me: There I was working from home with hairy ankles and the sweatpants I had worn all throughout pregnancy and before. Aww! Not good! I invested in a small capsule of soft cozy loungewear that makes me feel great every time I put them on. If you’d like me to send you loungewear recommendations for free through the Nordstrom Style Board app please email me rayne@rayneparvis.com with your phone number, a picture of yourself, current sizes and budget. If you’ve been waiting on investing in your style discovery and would like to work one on one with me via a Zoom session. Check out my “style analysis”mini-session here for only $97. It’s valid until this pandemic lockdown is over!
Example of outfits from the Nordstrom app curated by me, Rayne Parvis.

May you and your family stay safe, strong and hopeful through these troubled times. Together, but separate;), we can do this!

Zayne and Rayne Parvis at home in Los Angeles.


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