7 Things You Need to Survive An Outdoor Music Festival…In Comfort

The Cocanuts performing and keeping cool at outdoor music festival: Burbstock.
The Cocanuts, my brother’s band, performing and keeping cool at outdoor music festival: Burbstock.

7  Things You Need to Survive An Outdoor Music Festival From HATS TO COVERED TOES:

  1. Hat: floppy hat, fedora, baseball hat, cowboy hat. Keep your face covered.

  2. Sunscreen: SPF is must to keep from sunburned and funky tan lines. Pay special attention to toes, ears, back of neck, and arm pits area.

  3. Sunglasses:(your non-expensive ones) You don’t want to ruin, forget, break, drop, scratch your designer ones.

  4. Something to carry all your things in: You will want to keep your hands free for drinking and dancing. Guys: wear cargo pants or whatever pants/shorts you have with pockets to keep extra water, camera, or small snacks, HAND SANITIZER. Ladies: crossbody bag, COOL fanny pack.

  5. Stay away from Black: It will absorb heat, including your hats. Choose light colors.

  6. Wear sensible shoes: Ankle boots, converse so your toes don’t get stepped on. If you go with sandals..make sure they are secure …no flip flops. Flip flops will beark, people will step on the back, and you are most likely to trip and fall. OH, HECK NO!

  7. Lightweight jean vest: Ladies, you can you can take it off and sit on it during the day. At night the temperatures will drop. If your like me, I get cold if it’s anything under 80 degrees, so you can throw it on at night.

Fashion Wrap Up:

Ladies you want to wear maxi-skirts and dresses in print, sundresses, jean shorts, light tanks, and jean vest.

Men will remain comfortable and stylish in cargo shorts, lightweight tees and tanks.

Remember to stay hydrated. Drinks lots of water…especially if your drinking alcohol. Cheers!



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