9 Dos and Dont’s of Summer Shorts

Don’t get “short-sighted” this summer!

Hey Darlings! Hope you all are having a FAB-TASTIC summer. After thirty, we need to rethink sauntering around town in daisy dukes and shorts that look like they were taken out of a 80’s work-out video…seriously.

Here are some quick tips for how to wear shorts….after 30:

  1. Do balance out tight shorts with a billowy top.
  2. Do wear denim cut-offs, there are always in style.
  3. Do purchase a few in a print that are a more sophisticated fabric.
  4. Do a muffin-top check. If you can’t easily fit two fingers in your shorts, they are too small.
  5. Don’t wear anything that has writing on it. (Juicy, college state, etc.)
  6. Don’t show the white pockets.
  7. Don’t do the unzip and folded down look, unless you want to look like a hill-billy.
  8. Don’t wear pleated anything. Especially white ones. Can we say diaper? Hahahaha!
  9. Don’t wear super high-heels with super short shorts. If you wear heels with shorts pair with a nice blouse or tank and blazer to keep it classy.

BONUS: Don’t forget to tan those legs. You can get self-tanner and gradually build your tan.

Stay Sassy and Cool in Sophisticated Shorts

For more “how to” fashion tips check out my book Ultimate Guide to Style:From Drab to Fab! available on Amazon. In case no one has told you today…I love you.


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