Is Your Ex’s Sentimental Pieces Hindering You From Moving Forward?

Some relationships end – with lovers, with loved ones, with dreams and with cities. If you’ve wished to unburden the emotional load by erasing everything that reminds you of that painful experience by throwing it all away – don’t. Donate it to the Museum of Broken Relationships – Museum on Broken Relationships 

Does this story sound familiar? My girlfriend recently broke up with her boyfriend. He initially stated that he was ready to give love another chance after having his heart broken. The ex used to live with him. My friend asked her new man if he still had any of his ex’s stuff in the house. He said, “no way!”. She said that the ex-girlfriend’s energy was so strong in the house that she just couldn’t stop thinking about her and contemplated whether or not he was seriously ready to move on. After an argument, he admitted he had a box of his ex-girlfriend’s stuff in the garage. My friend was more hurt by the lie than the act of him keeping the items. She also said that her strong feelings of the ex’s aura made sense. She ended up breaking off the relationship with him. Not just over the ex but over a combination of other reasons. However, his lie and reluctance to let go of the ex’s items confirmed, to her, he wasn’t ready for a new love.

I’m a firm believer of items holding energy, like my girlfriend. I say give those negative item/items a new home, get it the f*ck out & make space for a better tomorrow.  I recommend re-examining why you are still keeping this sentimental piece/pieces and if you are prepared to let go. If you’re not, I let my clients keep one, stressing on one, small box for those keepsake items. However, keeping an ex’s stuff that brings up a painful experience is different than holding on to your child’s first pair of shoes.

Do you have a chest, box, corner in your closet of items that reminds you of when “so and so” broke your heart too? Why not donate the items to the Museum of Broken Relationships? 

Rayne Parvis with bras someone’s ex’s bras from Museum on Broken Relationships that were submitted.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a physical and virtual public space created with the sole purpose of treasuring and sharing your heartbreak stories and symbolic possessions. It is a museum about you, about us, about the ways we love and lose.I had the pleasure of meeting the fab director Alexis Hyde, getting a private tour and got to give my 2 cents of one of the most popular pieces (breast implants) for August Mclaughlin’s award winning blog and podcast, Girl Boner with my other longtime pal Erin Tillman of The Dating Advice Girl and writer Karina Wilson. Please check out her post with my two cents here; 


Karina Wilson, August McLaughlin, Erin Tillman and Rayne Parvis at Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, CA.

Ps. I’m donating a piece that I can’t wait to get rid of from an ex-pal who broke my heart.  I hope this post inspires you to let something go that is no longer serving a purpose for you. What item are you holding onto? 


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