New Article: 3 Simple Upkeeps to Feel Fab All Year Long

Gray Away
If you have gray roots or strands keep Gray Away handy for those last minute events and photo ops . It comes in other shades too.

My first STYLE TUNE-UP tip is to change your hairstyle a minimum of every 5 years. A quick trim, covering gray roots, and color freshening should be done every 6 weeks. If you can’t get to salon and your in desperate need of a root cover-up, pick up some Gray Away at your local drug store. This is a life saver!

As we evolve so should our colors, cuts, and highlights. Wondering what my other 2 annual changes you should make are? Click Style Tune-Up! 3 Simple Upkeeps to Feel Fab All Year Long.

Rayne Hagstrom Age Gap
Look at my hair style just three years ago! Today, I wouldn’t feel like me with that dark hair and SUPER bright wardrobe. I’m still in leopard print, but a more natural and toned down version. (Rayne Hagstrom, photo taken 3/11/13 left, photo taken 3/1/14 right)



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