One of the biggest fashion mistakes I see people make is squeezing or swimming in the same garments and bras for their fluctuating weight. Wearing the wrong size clothing can make you feel worse about yourself and affect how you feel throughout the entire day. With gaining about 15 pounds, so far, from pregnancy, my breasts were busting out of my bras. It was so uncomfortable and it looked bad when I wasn’t wearing a jacket.

I fought it for a good month before I bought a new bra. Within the 15 pounds, I actually went up one band size and 3 cups sizes! I gain my weight on my top half and got away with the delaying of buying a few pair of pants for my pregnancy weight till the late 2nd trimester. If you have found yourself in weight-fluctuation, follow these simple changes to get you by or to decide it’s time to reinvest in a new sized wardrobe.

Tips for the 10-pound weight fluctuation:

For my ladies, get bra fitted immediately. If your breast tissue is popping out of your bra or if your band is too tight (which creates back fat) you need to go up a size. Do you have gapping in the cup or is the band riding up? Your bra is too big for you. To make sure you get the right size, have a professional do it. Buy at least two in that size; one black and one skin color. One to wash and one to wear.

Rayne Parvis, 31 weeks pregnant, in front of Hatch in Brentwood, CA.

Next, if you tend to gain or lose weight on your bottom half, purchase two pairs of pants that fit. If you’re a size 32 waist, try on a 34 waist. Wearing pants too small will create that universally hated muffin-top, and not to get gross, but may cause yeast infections. Don’t go there! I live in Los Angeles, California, and we wear jeans a lot. My bigger sized jeans are awesome! They have stretch and style. You can also wear these jeans at your thinnest weight too, with a half-tucked shirt and a belt. Win-win. If you’re not into denim the same applies for slacks and leisure wear.

Remember, you are not alone. Most people have been there at one point in life. Here are suggestions you can wear usually within a 10-pound radius without switching sizes; A-line skirts and tops, tunics, elastic waist pants, maxi-dresses, shift dresses, stretchy jeggings and wrap dresses.

If you find yourself at the same weight two months later or have fluctuated more than 10 pounds, invest in a capsule wardrobe. The capsule can be as big or small as you want it to be. For my pregnancy, I have about 8 pieces I rotate and wear on a weekly basis and that’s it. If your fluctuation isn’t due to medical or pregnancy and you’re not happy with the weight, decide to make a change and take care of you to get back to where you feel comfortable. My dad recently lost 75 pounds. However, he was talking about losing it for over 30 years. He finally did it! Don’t let 30 years go by without taking control of your weight.


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