3 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For New, Working and On A Budget Moms

Did you all hear? I’m a mom…to a human! On 4/25/19 Zayne Parvis was a born. I’m not going to sugar coat it, delivery and recovering is more difficult than I imagined. In addition, every mama has told me it’s all worth it and your life changes for the better. You forget the pain, discomfort and everything not pleasant as your new story of bonding with your baby grows. It’s true!

As my first Mother’s Day, as a mom, approaches, I wanted to share three online gifts I desperately needed after delivering my baby. Any new, working or on a budget mom will appreciate the thoughtfulness immensely.

Zayne Parvis, born on 4/25/2019.

3 Gift Ideas For New, Working and On A Budget Moms:

  1. Delivered Meals: Either homecooked, delivered personally or through a service like Grubhub. When we came home from the hospital with our little man, the last thing we wanted or had the ability to do was cook. Giving any family, especially working or new moms, the night off from having to plan a meal and having nourishment delivered to your door will put a smile on any face.

    Rayne, Zayne and Matt Parvis.
  2. Hiring a Cleaning Crew: If they don’t already have this luxury service, this act of gratitude is a game changer. A friend of mine sent her housekeeper to us for a total of 6-7 hours! They even delivered all the supplies needed to get the job done. We usually do the weekly duties ourselves. Let’s just say keeping up with the household chores haven’t been our top priority. Walking into a sparkly and dust free house instantly relaxes you.
  3. Beauty Services Delivered: I don’t know one mom, let alone female, who would turn down a blow-out or mani-pedi done at home! Considering, my days of going to the salons whenever I feel like is over, having the ability to order a self-care service, from companies, like Glam Squad, is mandatory. When our hair and nails are “did” we feel more taken care of and beautiful(or at least I do!). Your special lady will eat this up. The best part, the time she will save driving to her beauty appointments, the more time she has to spend with her family. Woo-hoo!

PS. Thanks to my mom and Lynette Weaver for all your help and posing for my blog. #loveyou XO

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!


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