Three Signs You’re In a Style Rut

You know you’re in a style rut when…

  1. You get a lot of compliments and you only put a little extra effort into your outfit. For example, I recently went to a family party with my hair in a messy bun, light make-up and a maxi-dress. My brother was like, “you look nice. You must be taking a picture for social media”. Granted, my last 6 months of sweatpants was for a reason…but I didn’t know that’s what I was becoming known for. It was the comment from my brother that made me realize how my day to day style was suffering. Hello, I’m a stylist, I should ALWAYS put effort into my appearance. Yikes!
  2. You’re still wearing the same wardrobe from a previous chapter of your life. For example, if you graduated 10 years ago but you’re still wearing your fave college t-shirts, you were a receptionist and now you’re an entrepreneur running your own business or when you were pregnant and now you’re not. Haha!
  3. Yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants, and a hoodie is your go-to outfit …and you ‘re not in the fitness industry.

All three happened to me! The first six weeks after having a baby was rough. Not only was I literally exhausted, but recovery was longer than expected…and I’m still mending. During pregnancy, if I wasn’t working, I was in the same five sweatpant items. And yes, I would go visit family and have home poker games in them. I knew it wasn’t my best look, but at 8 months prego I didn’t care.

After Zayne came into the world, because I didn’t fit into my clothes, those same sweatpants were still my go-to outfit. Yes, I was giving myself time to transition and wasn’t focused on fashion…but I let it get a little out of hand. Hence, the comment from my bro when I actually put some effort into my appearance.

Group shot of the day Erik gave me the “you look nice” comment.

What’s the solution? Reinvent your style and get inspired again. I still don’t fit into my pants from my original pre-pregnancy wardrobe but I bought new pants! The fact is, I look at most of my closet now and I’m not feelin’ it. Being in a new season means making sure your style has changed with you. Create a fresh Pinterest Page and start pinning outfits and pieces you think represent where you’re headed. Then create a shopping list…or hire a personal stylist, of course, and invest in your “updated you”.

As I do my own style homework to revamp my current personal style, I am “Renting The Runway” for the basics until I have a clear style direction. In a few months, I should be the same size and can return the items I needed to “borrow” while my body was in transition. Follow me on Instagram @rayneparvis for shopping stories and my own fashion update as I get back to work IN STYLE.

Authors of Ultimate Guide to Style; Nicole Drake and Rayne Parvis (me) walking in Los Angeles after a closet audit last week.


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