3 Simple Steps To Improving Your Confidence

Boosting our confidence levels is a subject that will not go away. Some of us have a great grip on our self esteem and others need more help. One thing I know is true; building our “self love” is a constant effort. I’ve been in dressing rooms with size zeros, twos, twenty-fours, models, housewives, students, teachers, business owners and the list goes on and on. One thing all these shapes, sizes,and different personalities have in common is there is always something we hate or dislike about ourselves. Not one person was 100% confident in EVERYTHING. 

For example, we may be confident in our looks but lack confidence when it comes to our social or relationship status. We may compare ourselves to “so and so” on social media. We may see a family friend’s post with them in a latest trend bikini sipping margaritas, with their perfectly pedicured feet in the sand ….at sunset, and all of a sudden our day is ruined with thoughts like, “I wish that was me,” “I can never afford a vacation,” “If I wore that bikini I’d look horrible,” “I wish I could afford the $200 sunhat she tagged,” The list goes on and on. This is one example. 

When we are truly walking with love and acceptance we can’t get rocked by outside forces like a post, someone making a rude comment, our significant other not giving us as much attention as we like or any other human activity that is not encouraging. Building our self esteem is like building a muscle, it takes work!

Here are 3 Ways to combat negative self-talk and boost our confidence:

  1. Write Down 3 Things You Love About Your Appearance. Choose a note card or stick notes you can view many times a day. Post it on your dashboard of your car or refrigerator. Having a constant reminder of our great qualities will make less room for our self sabotaging thoughts.  
  2. Write Down 3 Things You Love About Your Personality or Inner Life. Are you a great communicator? Do people compliment you on your funny jokes? What sets you apart and makes you amazingly special? 
  3. Stop Scrolling Social Media. Just google “negative effects of social media” on the internet and you’ll find a plethora of studies that suggest viewing other people’s “one second snapshot” of a so called perfect life is harming to our psyche. 

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