7 Tips For What to Wear When You’re Promoting Your Product

Yes! You did it. You finally finished your product. Congrats! Here are 7 tips for what to wear for your promotion pictures using my client and dear friend’s Harmony Dust-Grillo’s photos as an example. We have been working together for years and were able to “shop her closet” for this look. Back story; I gave her the jacket she is wearing!  This was shot for her book promotion as well as the audio release. Yay Harmony!

7 Tips:

1. Wear something that won’t be too distracting. She’s in black and grey…all neutral colors. If she was in a blue ruffled blouse and a leopard midi skirt …her book would be second fiddle. Let your product steal the show.

2. Wear a different color than the background. For example, we had a back up outfit for this shoot. However, the other jacket was grey so we went with this one. She would of blended in with the wall and not popped.

3. Wear complementary colors to your product. For example, her book is cool tone colors of hot pink and grey…black and grey(her shirt) are cool tones so this works to create an overall harmonizing aesthetic. If she was wearing warm colors it would be off setting to the eye and not quite right. 

4. Roll up your sleeves(if wearing a blouse or jacket) to expose your wrists. Our wrists are very delicate. Showing this part of us is overall flattering.

5. Have fun and “wear” your personality like a shiny new pair of shoes. Looking at the camera with a fake smile isn’t gonna cut it. Think about a feeling or specific person you’re going to help that you know your product is for. 

6. Consider the tone. Her book is gritty, starts from the “street” and is all about her kick-ass transformation from stripper to professional speaker and nonprofit minister. This edgy jacket and black jeans work for this “street” tone. If her book was about how to cook healthy on a budget…well this isn’t the tone. Makes sense?

7. If you’re not a pro at doing your hair and make-up, hire one! I once did a shoot where I did my own hair. Once I saw the photos and footage, I was thinking I needed a makeover. Needless to say, I didn’t use it and was a waste of time and money.

If you need extra help with your photos I’m hear for ya! I can break it down, give you examples and a direction of where to fashionably go and why. 

PS. My girl just released her audio versions of her book Scars and  Stilettos….her memoir of being exploited, stripping and transforming her life to all she is today….creating a nonprofit, speaking all over the world as helping all those in need who have sex trafficked and the like. 

If you have a heart for those who have been exploited and trafficked or just want to hear a story of hope and transformation, check out my friend Harmony’s memoir Scars and Stilettos! It released on audible today! https://bit.ly/ScarsandStilettos


Also available at http://www.iamatreasure.com and wherever audio books are sold.

Harmony Dust-Grillo’s book promotion photo for Scars & Stilettos. 


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