3 Ways To Refresh Your Closet and Your Image

Often times we can get stuck in doing the same thing over and over and get disappointed when we get the same results. Don’t get me wrong, you may be incredibly happy with your life. However, I’ve yet to meet one person who said, “Nope, I’m completely satisfied with where I am and don’t need any refreshing or improving.”. Have you? If you do want a fresh start with your style and confidence here are a few things to consider doing first.

  1. Simplifying Your Closet: I admit it. Despite the fact I help people organize and declutter closets, mine is usually a mess. My husband compares me to a whirling dervish or the Tasmanian devil cartoon. You know the one, where the little guy comes into a room, makes a mess in under three seconds and leaves. HAHA! I was born this way and it’s something I have to work on daily. However, simplifying my closet has helped immensely. Less stuff equals less mess. In addition, hiring a professional organizer will not only help you declutter but they can help you install a system for easy storage and dressing. Think if of it as a facelift for your closet. And yes, it’s the same closet but renewed.
  2. Reinvent Your Wardrobe: When cleaning out your closet having a professional there, like myself (duh!:)) and a tailor, can really speed up your process, help you let go and give you fresh ideas on how to rework some of your items. For example, one woman had 25 pieces from her wardrobe to be altered and she didn’t need to buy anything! We cut sleeves off dresses, took up hemlines, added darts for a modern fit, tapered in pants and gave her outfits suggestions on how to wear items that she had no clue on how to wear.
  3. Get a New Professional Photo of Yourself for Social Media: Say what?! Yes, having updated photos of how you look today professionally done can not only boost your confidence but can remind people of how current you are. Most of us have an online business, side hustles, Etsy accounts, books, careers or other creative ventures where keeping our social media profiles up to date is important. Look how my two recent clients(both styled by me) are all ready for opportunities! Aissa(actress) and Nancy(health coach) are ready to bring her coaching business to the next level…in confidence.

Other ways to refresh your outlook can be a fresh haircut and color, image update with a professional stylist like me(duh!), hire a nutritionist, learn a new skill etc. All these things will help us be happier from the inside out.


Aissa Thalia: Photos by Poyey Photos and associate Kayvon Photos.

Nancy Howze: Branding by Ignite Your Soul Brand. Photos by Kelly Avila Photography.


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