Is Your Favorite Fashionista Costing You Money?

Style by Rayne, blue dress
Rayne Parvis(Hagstrom), personal stylist and author of Ultimate Guide to Style:From Drab to Fab!. (Photo credit: David Laurell of Life After 50 Magazine)

If you’ve made purchases based on what the “experts”, fashionistas and celebrities have said to buy or have been seen wearing, you’re not alone. We all do it! It only becomes a problem when you start shopping for items that don’t fit your lifestyle, personality or ultimate goal.

For example, one of my clients, who is on a strict budget, in her 40’s, has 3 kids and has simple, yet classy taste, bought a faux-leather black circle skirt based on a Youtube video from her favorite fashion expert. She stated she couldn’t find anything to wear with it and didn’t feel comfortable in it. The skirt was bought because it was a “must have for fall” but it was a waste. The skirt was never worn and it didn’t go with anything else in her closet. Sure, it was only $119.00 but making this mistake over and over again can add up.

I watched the video and pointed out to her that this “expert” didn’t have the same body-type as her, was 10 years younger and had a different lifestyle(no kids, different climate, job, and style personality). A textured wool black pencil skirt would of been a better option. Asking yourself a few questions before you buy will help you save money, time and the stress of getting dressed.

3 questions to ask before you make your next purchase:

  1. Does this item match my personality?
  2. Is it age appropriate?
  3. Does the piece go with at least 4 items already in my closet?

For more tips on how to shop for your personality, age and lifestyle purchase Ultimate Guide to Style:From Drab to Fab!. If you would like to hire me help you look AMAZING check out my services page. 

Ultimate Guide to Style:From Drab to Fab! 


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