Just Married…Who, When, and Wear


On Sept 13, 2014 I married Matt Parvis in Newport Beach, CA. on The Athena at Electra Cruises.  Our wedding was filled with friends, family, loved ones, besties and two wedding-crashers (loved them!).


Matt and I met at a poker home game back in 2006. He always had a crush on me, courted me from afar and supported me through the years as a dear friend. I wasn’t attracted to him at first…because of his comb-over, old-polos and pleats. HAHAHA!

Rayne and Matt Parvis
Matt and Rayne Parvis tying the know at Electra Cruise on 9/13/14. (Photo credit:Bill Devlin.)

He made a wonderful decision to hire me to style him for an event. That personal shopping outing lead to a complete closet over haul  and appearance revamp…bye-bye comb-over and frumpy duds. Not to brag, but he couldn’t stop the compliments from coming in. I also noticed how attracted I was to him. Who knew?! His outward persona now matched his awesome personality.

Before we started dating I moved a block away from his house. We started hanging out more and well…the rest is now writing history. I fell in love with the man who had loved me for years. I find joy in telling our story because it also encompasses what I teach with Style by Rayne services: dress for the significant other, job and life you want. Take care of yourself. Put time into your appearance and watch the doors open for you. Be thankful, stand-up tall and never give up on your dreams.  Matt waited eight years for his;).


Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Rayne Hagstrom(Parvis)
Rayne Hagstrom, almost Parvis, at Ayers Hotel before the ceremony at Electra Cruises. (Photo credit:Bill Devlin.)

For my dress I went with the hour-glass shape.  For bridesmaids I wasn’t too picky. I told the girl’s to go pick out whatever dress they wanted, as long as it had some fuscia color in it. My girl Jenn, in the suit, doesn’t like to wear dresses. She wore a fuscia button-u instead. I know I have so many bridesmaids, but all these women will always hold a special place in my heart forever.  I’m so grateful they stood by my side on 9/13/14, along with all the days of my life! Love you all to Heaven and back!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Bridesmaid and Rayne
The bridesmaids; Rosalyn Mardosian, Harmony Dust, Devon Walden, Rachel Lorber, Carla Shammas(maid of honor), Rayne Parvis(Hagstrom), Jill Brazelton, Julie Docherty, Candace Rocha, Karla Weller, Jenn Levy and Marlena Bansberg. Rayne and Matt Parvis wedding. (Photo credit:Bill Devlin.)

Matt’s Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

Love these guys!

Men in Matt and Rayne's wedding.
Casey Fisher(flower boy), Paul Plyler(groomsman), Matt Parvis(groom), Kevin Wittwer(flower girl escort), Erik Hagstrom(ring bearer and Rayne’s brother) on the boat. Wedding day! (Photo credit:Bill Devlin.)

I got to hand it to the men for wearing “begonia” aka fuscia. They were such great sports! Besides a few minor hiccups the wedding came off amazing! The food was awesome, drinks were flowing, music was jammin’, the cruise was breathtaking and love was in the ocean air.

Matt and Rayne in funny nose glasses.
Matt and Rayne Parvis sportin’ funny nose glasses. (Photo credit:Bill Devlin.)

We originally wanted to recreate a wedding photo my parents did 30 + years ago…but this is as far we got. HAHAHA! My favorite photo!

Much love! Check back for my article on how to add your own pizzazz to any party or wedding using more photo examples of unique touches; party favors, cake topper and much more!

Make-up by: Roxy Torres
Wedding hair up-do by: Henry Heinrichs
Hair color by: Marlena Bansberg 
Shoes: Betsey Johnson “Blue”



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