Love & Style Live Event…Join Me!


Rayne Parvis at VIP Social Event Party.
Personal Stylist, Rayne Parvis and Carl Hampton Jr. at VIP Social Event Party in Beverly Hills, CA. 

Join me, VIP Social Events and Love Lab on Aug 8th and meet hundreds of “trusted” singles in one place. As most of you know, my forte is making people look absolutely fabulous for their dates with my outfit styling sessions! Get in your best dating attire and join us!

>> Step 1) Purchase a ticket to this VIP event before its sold out

>> Step 2) Download Love Lab, join the app and increase your trust level by completing different proofs

>> Step 3) Show us your Contact Code at the door for a free raffle ticket and then meet hundreds of other “trusted” singles in a beautiful Beverly Hills lounge.

VIP Social Events and Steve Ward’s Love Lab have joined forces to bring you an epic night in Beverly Hills filled with special guests, tons of giveaways and plenty of local singles! We will be playing our signature “Unlock the Night” game which gives you an opportunity to meet everyone in the room! Once you find a match, you will be handed a raffle ticket and will have a chance at winning some valuable prizes at the end of the night!

Rosalyn Mardosian, Erik Mourer, co-owner of VIP Social Events, and Rayne Parvis, go-to stylist for matchmaking companies at VIP Social Event party in Los Angeles, CA. 

Some of our special guests include-

*Celebrity Matchmaking Guru Steve Ward from VH1’s Tough Love introducing his brand new safe dating app called “Love Lab”

*Tomiya Gains, author of “ The Perfect $20 Date”

*Rayne Parvis, CEO and Founder of Style by Rayne, a Hollywood personal stylist that will be giving personalized style tips

*Judith Hether, a Transpersonal Life Coach that will be available for giving advice on dating and other various topics!

DON’T miss this opportunity to mingle with local singles, win a few fabulous prizes and enjoy the upscale, beautiful AN | Crustacean Beverly Hills!

**Reserve your spot ASAP! Discounted tickets are available through August 7th. Ages 22-44 ONLY**



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