What’s the big deal about a capsule wardrobe?!

I can’t scroll down more than ten seconds on Instagram without seeing a post about capsule wardrobes. Just like other amazing inventions, like the Nutribullet, a capsule wardrobe can make our life way easier. It’s basically timeless, non-trendy, quality basics that can be mix and matched with each other to create many outfits.

Two popular capsule how-to curators are Unfancy and Project333. They both say once your capsule is created you only wear those items for 3 months until the next season. Yep, that’s right. Say goodbye to those emotional shopping binges and late night QVC purchases! The usual number of pieces ranges from 30-37 including accessories. However, if you prefer a little more or a little less. It’s okay, go for it. Give it a try….make the process your own.

I’ve created two capsules versions for you; a classic capsule for men and one with a little flair for a woman. According to your personal style, unique coloring, closet size, and preferences, your choices may vary from item to item. For example, if you work in Silicon Valley as a tech guy you may not need two suits as in my classic capsule. Or if you don’t look great in the colors in the capsule, we changed them to suit your unique coloring. Or if you’re a fabulous stay at home mom or you may not prefer a suit either. We’d switch it out for a more casual ensemble.  


[sc name=”arthur-embed” id=”2af371ea-5248-4226-986d-baf1986fc742″]


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If you love any of the pieces above you can shop from it! I finally found a cool site where we can curate looks just for you. You may think, “okay, this is great but I don’t have $10,000.00 to invest in a new wardrobe”. I got you! We can just start with the basics and add one piece at a time. When I shop for my clients, I don’t use the term capsule. Everything we purchase can be worn together with pieces that we kept from the closet audit. 

Whether you decide to capsule or not shop with these three suggestions in mind for easy stress-free dressing: 

  1. Shop in the same color scheme.
  2. Keep your quality pieces in solid neutral colors. 
  3. Organize your closet so you can see what you have. 

If you’d like for me to create you one contact me for details. If you’d like to try it by the book check out the two how-to bloggers above and pick one that suits ya. If you hate to wear anything twice and love to shop and wear new items weekly my three suggestions still imply. You’ll just have more items! Let me know your experience. 


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