10 Things We Say That Drive Our Hair Stylists Nuts

About 7 months ago I had a horrible haircut that cost me $20. Needless to say, if I treated my hair routine like I did my wardrobe, I wouldn’t of had a bad cut! Yep, you get what you pay for. It took me forever to grow it out! I recently got the cut fixed and the color bumped to a buttery blonde. Words can’t express how much better I feel. This inspired me to get hair help from my favorite hair experts and bring it straight to you. Plus a bonus of what drives are hair besties crazy. Enjoy! 

Hair by Pamela Brokaw at Daniel Jordan Salon, Encino, Ca.


Hair Tips:

  1. “When conditioning your hair make sure to comb or brush the conditioner through.  Think of it like nachos. If you put cheese just on top it doesn’t melt all the way through. Same goes for conditioning hair. Not all of the hair strands will get coated. Especially for hair that is overly dry or tangles easy. And for those hair types, make sure to leave a little conditioner in the ends when you rinse, you always want the ends to feel a little bit slimy. If you rinse it all the way out, it’s not doing its job! I recommend using The Wet Brush.” – Pamela Brokaw, Daniel Jordan Salon, Encino, Ca. 

    Personal Stylist, Rayne Parvis and hair stylist, Pam Brokaw at Daniel Jordan Salon in Encino, Cal.
  2. Be prepared to invest in your hair. It drives me nuts when a client comes in and doesn’t want to cut more than an inch off but wants her hair to be full and bouncy, doesn’t want to spend time on her hair but wants it to look like Kim Kardashians, investing in salon quality products isn’t on their radar but complains when the color fades and wants to go from black to blonde in an hour…without using bleach. This may sound harsh but it comes from a place of tough love and my adoration for you and your hair. Give your hair the respect it deserves. Carve out time and put some money into it. Better colors, cuts and overall happier with your hair vibes are just a phone call away with a professional hair stylist.”- Marlena Bansberg, Charles Azzi Salon – Las Vegas, Nevada. 

    Ombre transformation before and after. Hair by Marlena Bansberg in Las Vegas, Ca.
  3. “Don’t wash every day if you have dry hair. Your natural oils are a necessity to keep the scalp moisturized and healthy. If you can go multiple days without washing but are feeling a bit dirty, dry shampoo will be your best friend. For oily hair, when washing make sure you do NOT get any conditioner on or near your scalp. If you do and seem a bit greasy once you’re hair is dry and styled, DRY SHAMPOO! Veer away from dry shampoo a that has large amounts of alcohol. Products and your hair are an investment. Keep your quality at it’s best with the best ingredients.” – Laura Shiro, Salon Republic, Studio City, Ca. 

    Laura Shiro with her client having a beer right before she gets her roots and hair styled at Salon Republic in Studio City, Ca.

Avoid the following statements when speaking to a hair care professional: 

  1. I want it blonde but not blonde.
  2. I want it short but not too short.
  3. I want it long but I don’t wanna grow it out. 
  4. I want my color to last but I don’t want to spend $$$$ on the right shampoo & conditioner.
  5. I want a full-color correction but I only want to spend $100.
  6. Can you take me tomorrow morning at 9 am I just need color, highlights, cut and style and maybe some curls.
  7. This one hair is bugging me can you fix it but don’t cut it or curl it or straighten it?
  8. I don’t want to spend any time on my hair but I want it to look like Kim Kardashians. 
  9. I’ve been coloring my hair with black box dye for 10 years but I need it platinum blonde today…and I’m super broke but can you do it? 
  10. How much did you cut? It feels so short.
Hair by Laura Shiro at Salon Republic in Studio City, Ca.

Did you crack up as much as I did? HAHA! I’ve said about 90% of these statements over the years. On your next outing to a salon keep these tips in mind. Happy hair care my everyone! And remember to love and treat your stylists, and your hair, like your friends! 


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