3 Signs it’s Time to Revamp and Refresh Your Style

Ask yourself; “what no longer serves you or your style at this very moment?”. Where are your pain points? For example, were you stylishly on a roll before the pandemic happened or at your previous job then you found yourself wearing outdated “house clothes” 24/7 or too corporate attire that no longer feels like you? Our outfits have the ability to be a mood booster. I’m sure we can all use that in any form. A style reboot may definitely be just what you need to step out with a fresh attitude.Here are three signs it’s time to refresh your style.

  1. You now work from home and are making the clothes “work” that you wore to the office. Many people have made the transition from going to a place of business to now working from home. Do you need more #wfh clothes in your wardrobe versus well ironed blouses and slacks? Comfort is key! If so, a shopping session may be in order.
  2. You are taking longer to get dressed and settle on the same go-to outfit you have been wearing for 6 months. If every morning you think, “Today, I’m going to try to wear a fresh outfit” and still settle on those pants and oversized sweat-shirt with toothpaste stains on it, you need a style revamp. Not feeling good about the way we look  can hinder our productivity level, and who needs one more thing to stop us from living the life we have worked so hard for…pandemic or not! One way to get a fresh style is to use Pinterest to create a 2021 style board. Look for outfits that fit your current lifestyle: new mom, work from home, athleisure etc.
  3. Your return rate is high. If you have purchased new items from stores and online with the hopes of feeling better and still don’t like anything, you may need to get clear on your current vision for yourself and style. Since we are home more, it’s imperative to keep a positive outlook on life no matter what our current situation is. Many people try to fill a void with shopping. If you are buying and returning with no real end in sight, making a list of the top items you will need to have a stylish and functional wardrobe will help keep this under control. And if it’s not on your list, don’t buy it! In addition, make a list of other things you would like to do, and when you get tempted to aimlessly browse online, go to one of the things on your to-do list.

Checking in with yourself and your style never stops! It’s a constant, ever changing piece of artwork that is never finished, just like us! I’d say you want to do an overall “Rayne Check” on your style at every life changing event, global or personal.

Need help getting out of a rut? Book a free Style Clarity Call here to find out how I can help you rock your style!

Happy stepping into your refreshed you in style!

xo, Me.


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