5 Ways to a Fresh Start in the New Year

Before we all walk into the New Year expecting everything to all of a sudden be perfect, here are a few things I’ve read and done lately that can help you feel ready with a plan and succeed in accomplishing your goals. For example, I asked a friend what their resolutions are and if they had any. They replied with “get in shape and lose weight”.  Which tends to be one of the majorities of the population’s goals. Next I asked, “How do you plan on doing that?” To which they said, “I guess get on the stationary bike I have and eat better”. 

This is not the way to succeed. With no real plan, you will get no real results. To reach your “goal potential” in whatever it may be, write it down and come up with a plan. Whether that be hiring a trainer, joining an outside bootcamp, finding a Youtube fitness guru you like and commit to doing one of their videos three times a week, M,W,F at 12:00pm when your little one takes a nap and you are on your #WFH lunch break. The more specific you are, the higher the chances you are at achieving “rockstar 2021 status”. 

Another quick thing to remember is everything is connected; your health, your mindset, your happiness, your work/family/lifestyle. If one is suffering, it will trickle on. 

Here are a few other things you can do today to get you stylishly ready for the NEW YEAR that may be hindering a fresh start.

1. Wash and detail your car. I did this yesterday! It feels and smells like a brand new ride.

2. Take those “dry clean only” items sitting at the bottom of your hamper to the dry cleaners. Seriously, I’m doing this today and found something I haven’t worn since I was 3 months pregnant. 

3. Organize and audit your closet. You can do a heavy audit or just a light color coordination. Anything will do! If you’re feeling extra gung-ho do this with your makeup drawer too. You don’t need all those expired and useless samples!

4. Make a phone call to a few friends/loved ones you may have neglected. Let them know in voice/FACETIME  you love them and reconnect. 


5. Draw a wheel of appearance, like the one taken from my Style Coaching™ forms above, and for every other area of your life and figure out a plan by writing it down. Ask yourself what steps  for each section of the wheel. I also did this! Hence me hiring a biz coach to help me be the best I can be for myself and YOU in 2021 and beyond. YAY! 

Happy New Year beautiful. And cheers to walking into to 2021 with a clean slate!




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